Ralph Lauren’s journey from the streets of the Bronx to the pinnacles of global fashion epitomizes the American Dream. Born Ralph Lifshitz in 1939 to Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants, Lauren grew up inspired by the silver screen, with icons like Gary Cooper and Cary Grant shaping his vision. Despite challenges, like his modest height making basketball a taller order, his spirit never waned. As a young man, he rebranded himself, adopting the surname Lauren, which echoed a more contemporary American resonance.

Starting in menswear, Lauren’s emphasis was always on high-quality, essential pieces: sharp blazers, cozy cashmere, refined leather jackets, and classic oxford shirts. His foray into womenswear commenced by crafting clothing for his wife, Ricky, ultimately blossoming into a collection that laid the groundwork for a multibillion-dollar brand.

Today, Ralph Lauren Corporation stands as a beacon in the luxury lifestyle industry, delivering products in categories such as apparel, footwear, home goods, fragrances, and hospitality. For over five decades, the company has championed an authentic, timeless style that resonates with people worldwide. Its portfolio boasts an impressive array of brands, from Ralph Lauren Collection to Polo Ralph Lauren, making it one of the most recognizable brand families globally. This extensive reach, coupled with a diverse product range and a multi-faceted distribution strategy, sets them apart in the luxury segment.

Representing a quintessential American ethos, the corporation has pioneered the concept of aspirational lifestyle branding. Under the aegis of Ralph Lauren, it has significantly influenced global fashion trends and standards, consistently merging customer insights with top-tier design and marketing, resulting in cohesive lifestyle product collections with a distinct vision.

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