A.P.C. Spring Summer 2023

For its Spring/Summer 2023 campaign, A.P.C. sets off with a collection featuring durable and functional maritime clothing. A women’s and men’s wardrobe inspired by French yachtsman Éric Tabarly (1931-1998), who sported time-worn denim pieces and sturdy canvas trousers at the helm of his boat. The collection reinterprets the distinctive hallmarks of the sailing world (nautical collars, stripes, rope-like drawstrings, etc.) and adopts every shade of the big blue sea.

“Around 1977, I sailed to Porto Alegre (without Tabarly). I soon made my way to São Paulo (the slightly snobby French diplomats called it ‘Saint Paul’) and I was struck by the mix of urban industrialism and ‘tropicalism.’ Maybe because of its gardens and also because of the nonchalant attitude of the locals,” explains Jean Touitou.

So, it is only natural that Brazil from the past and present now inspires an urban and formal summer wardrobe as lightweight and functional as the clothing worn by Paulistanos themselves. With its large graphic and colorful flowers that stand out on a viscose and linen blend, one of the star prints of the season brings to mind the spectacular botanical garden of São Paulo integrated in the Atlantic forest. Tropicalism and its major musical movement are celebrated in garments with hippie references, tie-dyed motifs and openwork crochet effects. In the men’s collection, the iconic emblems of the Ipanema sidewalks were reworked into an organic cotton sweater. For women, this season’s key elements include chambray beach dresses, lightweight recycled denim pieces and monochrome silhouettes.