Chloe “Next Chapter” Ad Campaign

Just as nature undergoes processes of renewal, so too can a creative vision experience a regeneration. In this period leading up to the arrival of Gabriela Hearst’s debut collection, Chloé presents a radical visual narrative that explores fundamental connections between the wilder world and the one we shape. Featuring images by Zoe Ghertner and art direction by Peter Miles, this ongoing series will piece together a mosaic of natural images – at times beguilingly abstract, at times wondrously real. From pleated fungi to otherworldly plants; pooling lava to structured honeycombs; bee communities to a solitary nude female, each photograph can be interpreted in myriad ways. Yet as a compilation, they speak to the raw materials that will remain ever-present inspirations as the Maison charts its new direction. They take us back to the source of beauty in unadulterated states, of lifeforces that persist despite all odds. They are microcosms mirroring our health as humans, and they reveal that fragility is everywhere. Far from representing a period of rest, this marks the visual beginning of our shift to a model that is for the greater good. It is an occasion to advance gently, and to lay the groundwork for an irreversible release.

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