FUTURE’s Bold Journey with LANVIN LAB

The renowned musician and producer from Atlanta, known as FUTURE, has recently launched his line with LANVIN LAB. This collection showcases his signature boldness and vigor. FUTURE, also referred to as PLUTO, embodies the transformative and innovative spirit, which aligns with LANVIN LAB’s mission to promote artistic collaboration and cultural exchange.


This collaboration finds its roots in the rich history of the brand, dating back to the 1930s when Jeanne Lanvin’s creativity flourished. FUTURE’s connection to LANVIN is deepened by the brand’s historical focus on family dynamics, mirroring his own values as the founder of Freebandz, a family-centric entertainment company.

The inaugural LANVIN LAB collection, influenced by music—a longstanding element of LANVIN‘s heritage—echoes the musical talents of Jeanne Lanvin’s daughter, Marguerite. FUTURE emphasizes the personal inspiration behind his designs, resonating with Jeanne Lanvin’s approach of drawing from her experiences.

This unisex collection by FUTURE for LANVIN LAB features layered and tailored pieces with a distinctive flair for accessories. It includes hats, sunglasses, belts, bags, gloves, and leather goods with metallic accents. Unique sleep sets with slippers, pillows, and masks are also part of the collection.

The collection is marked by two significant symbols: the Eagle, evoking courage, majesty and truth, as well as a sense of flying high with bird’s eye vision, and the Star, protective and empowering, guides the way forward. FUTURE’s creative use of the LANVIN archives is evident in a specially designed jacket with metallic studs and vintage LANVIN typography on denim. He also introduces an updated sneaker design, the Curb 3.0, in this collection.

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