Gigi Hadid for Miu Miu Arcadie Handbag Campaign

In imagery exploring a modern hinterland between reality and surreality, Miu Miu celebrates the emblematic matelassé in two styles – the already-iconic Wander, and the newly-debuted Arcadie – embraced by Gigi Hadid and photographed by Steven Meisel.

Gigi Hadid for Miu Miu Arcadie Handbag Campaign

Mythologized since Ancient Greece, Arcadie is a destination – an idealised scene, a vista of pleasure, idyllic and Elysian, embedded in nature.

Drawing inspiration from the life and spirit of the American artist Margaret Keane, Meisel evokes her instantly-recognizable aesthetic universe to reshape that of the Miu Miu heroine, an homage that fashions uncanny environs for these portraits capturing both Gigi and these Miu Miu accessories.

Likewise, Keane’s own indomitable character, her freedom, her story, is innately kindred to the unmistakable attitude of Miu Miu, encapsulated here in Gigi’s gestures, moods and emotions. The everyday can be exceptional, the ordinary can become extraordinary.

The rich nature of these idealised spaces – brushstrokes textured and real – is matched by the intricacy of Miu Miu’s characteristic matelassé. Fusing a modern lightness with traditions of leather craft, this hallmark Miu Miu material adds texture and depth to the duo of handbag styles.

In this series of stylized yet intimate and direct portraits alongside striking still-lives, Gigi gazes wide-eyed at us, playing both herself and her persona. Through a simple look, she invites us into this world, part imagined, part actualized, yet wholly Miu Miu.

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