Chanel’s Stylish Spring 2024 Eyewear Revealed

In the latest Chanel Spring-Summer 2024 Eyewear campaign, captured by the acclaimed photographer Karim Sadli, the essence of cool is effortlessly embodied. The campaign stars Chanel ambassadors and catwalk regulars, including Liu Wen alongside rising talents Alaato Jazyper Michael, América González, and Loli-Bahia. The set vibe? Laid-back yet charged with a stylish energy, mirroring the lively essence of the campaign’s visuals and accompanying film, also directed by Sadli.

Chanel's Stylish Spring 2024 Eyewear Revealed
Chanel Spring 2024 Eyewear Campaign

The campaign unfolds like a dynamic fashion narrative, featuring each model in moments of off-duty candidness, discussing the undeniable impact of eyewear as a pivotal style element. Loli-Bahia, with her signature charm since joining the Chanel runway in 2020, shares her personal style tip: rocking Chanel sunglasses, which she playfully admits to wearing indoors at times. Adorned with an acetate shield and a chic metal chain intertwined with leather, her look is a bold declaration of style.

Alaato Jazyper Michael, who made her dream runway debut for Chanel in 2022, reminisces about her earliest Chanel memory—the iconic No. 5 perfume ad starring Nicole Kidman. Her admiration for Chanel’s heritage is as clear as the stylish two-tone acetate sunglasses she sports during the shoot.

Chanel Spring 2024 Eyewear Campaign
Chanel Spring 2024 Eyewear Campaign

América González, echoing a similar sentiment of nostalgia and reverence, reflects on her childhood memories of creating collages from snipped Chanel ads. On set, she showcases frames that cleverly nod to Chanel’s timeless two-tone color motif, a testament to the enduring allure of the brand’s designs.

Liu Wen, a seasoned face in Chanel’s lineup since 2008 and a brand ambassador, equates her sunglasses to a suit of armor, offering both a shield and a statement, making them an indispensable part of her fashion arsenal.

As Chanel continues to innovate and inspire, the Spring-Summer 2024 eyewear collection stands out for its blend of fashion-forward design and the personal stories of those who wear it. The campaign not only highlights individual style but also underscores the integral role of eyewear in contemporary fashion—echoing Chanel’s ongoing influence in the luxury fashion sphere.

Chanel Spring 2024 Eyewear Campaign
Chanel Spring 2024 Eyewear Campaign

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