Gucci VALIGERIA Campaign Stars Ni Ni and Chang Chen

In their latest VALIGERIA CAMPAIGN, Gucci elegantly merges its historical legacy with a modern touch, showcasing the brand’s enduring appeal in travel fashion. Led by Creative Director Sabato De Sarno, this campaign is distinguished by the presence of Ni Ni, a global brand ambassador and actress, alongside actor Chang Chen. Their genuine friendship, effortlessly transitioning from real life into this creative narrative, forms the core of the campaign, underscoring the significance of personal connections and shared experiences – a fundamental aspect of Gucci’s ethos.

Set against the backdrop of an airport, a symbol of both beginnings and reunions, the campaign captures a poignant encounter between Ni Ni and Chang Chen. This moment reflects the unique beauty and emotional resonance of travel, amplified by the presence of a companion who feels like family.

The VALIGERIA CAMPAIGN features pieces from the Gucci Savoy collection, a line that demonstrates Gucci’s long-standing vision of travel fused with historic craftsmanship. These items are more than mere travel accessories; they represent the journey of life itself, harmonizing with the effortless, stylish personas of Ni Ni and Chang Chen. Highlighted in the campaign are the new neon travel designs, showcasing Gucci’s commitment to combining style with functionality. These pieces are integral to the modern traveler’s story, symbolizing Gucci’s adaptability and relevance in an ever-evolving world, while still celebrating its rich heritage.

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