The LOEWE Spring Summer 2024 Campaign Unveiled

The LOEWE Spring/Summer 2024 women’s campaign, masterfully captured by the lens of David Sims, offers a riveting exploration into the multifaceted identities of the celebrated artist Lynda Benglis. Through the artful reenactments by LOEWE’s illustrious trio of female Brand Ambassadors – the actors Taylor Russell, Yang Mi, and the newly inducted Lim Ji-Yeon – the campaign delves into the essence of performative identity with an elegance that’s both engaging and thought-provoking.

LIM JI-YEON is a new LOEWE ambassador.
LIM JI-YEON is a new LOEWE ambassador.

This campaign stands out for its evocative portrayal of the ambassadors, each embodying the spirit of Benglis in scenarios that mirror the artist’s provocative engagement with life and art. Whether in the throes of creative fervor in a studio, or exuding the quiet confidence of everyday existence, the campaign navigates a spectrum of emotions with a finesse only true masters of their craft could achieve. The homage extends to Benglis’ groundbreaking contributions to post-war American sculpture, her innovative approach to form and materiality serving as the muse for the collection’s design ethos, including the sculptural jewelry that enhances several ensembles.

Russell, Yang, and Lim bring to life Benglis’ legendary poses with their interpretations, showcasing the collection’s signature elongated silhouettes, textured knits, and artfully draped dresses. Their dynamic poses – reclining on tables, perched on ladders, or leaning against cars – are accentuated by the collection’s Screen and Square sunglasses, adding layers of character to the visuals. The imagery, especially one where Taylor Russell holds a feather mask, pays tribute to Benglis’ iconic advertisements, inviting viewers into a world where art and identity converge.


The campaign also cleverly incorporates still-life images of LOEWE’s latest accessories, including a range of soft bags like the Flamenco Purse and Puzzle, as well as footwear like the Comic Folded Pump and Campo sandal, presenting them in scenarios that mimic the act of performance itself. This imaginative presentation not only highlights the collection’s design innovation but also echoes the campaign’s overarching theme of life as a series of deliberate, performative acts.

LOEWE’s SS24 campaign, with its focus on the art of impersonation, presents a narrative that’s as compelling as it is visually stunning. It’s a testament to the power of fashion as a medium for storytelling, blurring the lines between the personal and the performative, and celebrating the intersection of identity, art, and existence with a profound, yet understated directness.


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