A.P.C. Collaborates With ASICS

A quest for the perfect product and a passion for technical precision led A.P.C. to develop this new interaction focused on the GEL-SONOMATM 15-50 sneaker, known for its outstanding comfort and chunky aesthetic.

With ASICS being famous for its impeccable technicality and its sporty colours, and A.P.C. being a brand associated with minimalism and austerity, finding our meeting point was the driving force and fun behind this collaboration.

Keeping the exuberant ASICS identity in mind, the A.P.C. Studio decided to work with ultra-simple solid-colored pieces in beige, blue and black, but to spruce them up with multicolored tie-dyed laces. Another distinctive element of this interaction is presented in the shared A.P.C. / ASICS logo that is encapsulated in a plastic bubble on the outer edge of the shoe as a subtle nod to the brands’ mutual attachment to each other. As for the soles, they come in several fun colors to add the finishing touch to the shoe’s design.

The result is a sneaker at the crossroads of fashion and streetwear; backed by the irreproachable know-how and expertise of ASICS.

Available exclusively on December 9th 2022 in the A.P.C. stores and at apc.fr and from December 16th 2022 in all ASICS and A.P.C. stores and wholesale.

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