Gucci Unveils 2024 High Watchmaking Collection

Gucci elevates the realm of high watchmaking with its latest collection for 2024, showcasing an exceptional blend of avant-garde innovation and the brand’s iconic aesthetic. This year, Gucci sets a new standard in horology with the introduction of its exclusive minute repeater, a testament to the brand’s commitment to combining technical mastery with artistic expression. Additionally, Gucci expands its repertoire with innovative designs that marry emblematic complications, revealing the depth of Gucci’s horological expertise and creative vision.

The highlight of the collection is the GUCCI 25H Minute Repeater, marking a significant achievement in Gucci’s horological journey. This piece stands as a beacon of watchmaking excellence, admired for its complex carillon minute repeater mechanism that produces a melodious chime with each strike of its hammers. The activation of this sophisticated feature through a rotating bezel rather than a traditional pusher injects a modern twist into this horological marvel. Encased in an ultra-slim profile, this watch also features a visually striking openwork dial that draws inspiration from the science of cymatics, translating sound waves into mesmerizing visual patterns.

GUCCI 25H Minute Repeater
GUCCI 25H Minute Repeater

Joining the minute repeater in the spotlight is the GUCCI 25H Skeleton Tourbillon, which continues to push the boundaries of design and craftsmanship. This line introduces new models encased in transparent sapphire, a material celebrated for its durability and clarity, offering an unobstructed view of the intricately skeletonized movement within. This collection stands as a symbol of Gucci’s innovative approach to high watchmaking, merging technical prowess with a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

GUCCI 25H Skeleton Tourbillon
GUCCI 25H Skeleton Tourbillon

The Gucci Interlocking series introduces a fresh take on high watchmaking, combining the flying tourbillon and jumping hours within a uniquely shaped cushion case. This collection is a masterclass in detail and depth, featuring a dynamic display that captivates with every glance. The semi-transparent sapphire glass subtly reveals the jumping hour, while the minute hand and the tourbillon provide a mesmerizing visual dance, all encased in a beautifully finished case that plays with light and texture.

GUCCI Interlocking

Lastly, the G-Timeless Planetarium enriches the collection with a display of rotating precious stones that orbit around a central tourbillon, creating a spectacle of color and movement. This model celebrates the natural beauty of gemstones, set against a guilloché base that enhances their radiance, anchored by a tourbillon that dazzles with a diamond-set flower motif.

G-Timeless Planetarium
G-Timeless Planetarium

Gucci’s 2024 high watchmaking collection stands as a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of innovation, blending the house’s distinctive codes with groundbreaking horological advancements. Each piece in the collection not only represents the pinnacle of watchmaking craft but also embodies Gucci’s unique vision of merging the worlds of fashion and fine horology.

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