Lacoste Enters Web 3 With The Launch Of Its Experiential And Collaborative Universe UNDW3

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After its collaboration with Minecraft, which saw the first immersive projection of Lacoste in a virtual world: Croco Island, Lacoste is taking a new step forward with the launch of its first Web 3 experience, UNDW3 (pronounced underwater). This universe will allow the communities of the brand with the emblematic crocodile to participate, collectively and actively, in the embodiment of its Fashion-Sport vision and to push back the limits even further.

Lacoste Web 3 UNDW3

UNDW3 renews the customer and brand experience by allowing community members to take ownership of Lacoste in a new creative way.

As a preamble, Lacoste launched its dedicated discord server on 6 June, in order to allow each member to be kept informed in real time of innovations in the Lacoste universe in Web3, as part of a collective experience based on exchange, interaction and co-creation. This discord server has seen more than 30,000 subscribers in just 48 hours.

From Tuesday 14 June, Lacoste is putting on sale a first drop of NFTs: 11212 pieces at a price of 0.08 ETH, featuring the image of the crocodile emerging from the water. 11212, in reference to the iconic L1212 polo shirt invented by the brand’s founder, René Lacoste.

For Catherine Spindler, Chief Brand Officer of Lacoste:

“UNDW3 attests to our desire to accompany the phenomenon of decentralization driven by Web3 and bears witness to our ambitions in this area as well as to the power of our brand: to bring together our communities and connect cultures around the crocodile, a true rallying sign throughout the world, by proposing an experiential, interactive and co-creative universe, in the image of Lacoste’s creativity and avant-gardism.”

Holding this NFT will give collectors privileged access to Lacoste’s Web3 universe, imagined as a long-term collaborative community. Collectors will be able to access a pioneering ecosystem and digital, physical and experiential benefits in the world of the crocodile, such as co-created products exclusively for them.

Lacoste’s conquest of this web territory illustrates the brand’s mission to connect different communities and cultures, bringing together NFTs, Lacoste fans, and pop culture enthusiasts.

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