Helmut Lang is a mutli-disciplinary brand at the intersection of fashion, art, and design. Established in 1986, the Austrian-born label is now based in New York City. Helmut lang operates as an in-house design collective built on three pillars: utility, civility and deviance.

Utility, civility and deviance challenge each other while operating in a relationship of interdependence. In upholding this balance, Helmut Lang communicates considered design through limited-edition collections, thoughtful artist collaborations, and avant-garde advertising. Deconstructing and re-thinking everything from uniform-wear, sartorial traditions, and everyday staples—Helmut Lang makes dressing people for their daily lives a radical proposition. Each collection explores the possibilities of utilitarian clothing through ready-to-wear signatures such as denim, shirting, blazers, trousers, and t-shirts. The result is a uniform for the creative class that is simultaneously clean and complex; minimal and epic.

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