Acne Studios Fall Winer 2023 Campaign

Acne Studios unveils its FW23 campaign featuring the remarkable Anok Yai.

The visuals, crafted by Parisian photographer Carlijn Jacobs, a frequent collaborator with the brand, reveal an otherworldly touch of a captivating setting. The set’s design, the brainchild of David White, is deeply influenced by the whimsical forest theme prominent in Acne Studios FW23 presentation. Speaking of the inspiration, Jonny Johansson, Acne Studios’ creative director, mentioned, “The essence of Sweden’s brief daylight during its intense winters inspired the collection and setting. The abrupt transition from urban settings to pine forests in Sweden is a vivid imagery we aimed to capture.”

In the campaign, Yai represents the season’s defining character, showcasing standout outfits curated by Léopold Duchemin. Jawara takes care of the hairdo, and Masaé Ito brings forth audacious makeup. One can spot innovative approaches in the wrinkled and worn leather attire donned by Yai, paired harmoniously with a cut-out leaf-printed top. Pushing the narrative is a neon pink ensemble made of a sheer, gossamer material, gracefully enveloping Yai.

A notable inclusion in the campaign is the new Multipocket bag. With its gathered finish, the design draws cues from classic camera bags, presenting an artful balance between nostalgia and contemporary style.

Photographer and Director: Carlijn Jacobs Stylist: Léopold Duchemin
Hair: Jawara
Make-Up: Masaé Ito
Set designer: David White
Casting: Greg Krelenstein and Lisa Duckworth Nails: Yvett Garcia

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