Sinead Bovell for The Fashionography

Tech Meets Sustainability In The Visionary Mind Of Sinead Bovell

With a passion for technology that aims at pushing sustainability forward, fashion model and entrepreneur, Sinead Bovell, is paving an innovative path. We get her take on the importance of forward-thinking entrepreneurship, defiant optimism, and youth leadership in forging ahead.

Mina Elise On Being Queer, Intimacy, and Creating Out of Love

“Ultimately, I define beauty in truth. It’s a person, a plant, a song, a dance, a feeling that exists in its truth. Which is not to say that something fabricated, altered or built upon isn’t beautiful, because evolution is as stunning as it gets.”

Sora Choi

Fashion Model: Sora Choi

The South Korean top fashion model, Sora Choi speaks intimately about the transformative nature of fashion and how she found a deeper sense of self.

Fashion Model: Donna Bahdon

The Muslim-Canadian fashion model and Instagram star Donna Bahdon is changing attitudes about how fashion and religion can co-exist in today’s world.