My Beauty Secret, Episode 7 with Taylor Foster

Culinary Institute of America-trained fashion model Taylor Foster founded Heaven on Main Street with the idea that feeling good is just as important as looking good.

Taylor launched Heaven on Main Street’s plant-based skin and beauty line in 2015, driven by her passion for helping others “bring peace to [their] skin, mind and body.” Taylor gets her infamous glow with Heaven on Main Street—including the “miracle oil” she credits for banishing her breakouts. She starts her routine with the Heaven on MainStreet Calm & Clear face oil. The road to a clear and glowing complexion starts with just a few drops of this chamomile-infused skin elixir. After patting the oil into her skin, Taylor follows up with a light massage along her cheekbones and temples for maximum absorption and minimum puffiness. Next step: color! For a natural flush, Taylor takes the Heaven on Main Street Color Pods in Sunset and Tiger Eye and dabs a mix of the two along her eyes and cheeks. Composed of an alkanet and beet infused shea oil base, these color pods serve not only as makeup but as natural skincare too. To complete her routine, Taylor uses the Heaven on Main Street Highlighter Stick in Citrine Rose along the tops of her cheekbones for a shimmery finish.