Dries Van Noten Steps Down: What’s Next for the Iconic Label?

In a move that reverberates through the corridors of fashion, Dries Van Noten, the esteemed Belgian designer, has announced he will be stepping down from his eponymous label after nearly four decades of influential contributions to the industry. This decision marks a significant transition for the brand, renowned for its intellectual approach to design and distinctive mastery of prints, layering, and texture. Van Noten, who has become synonymous with the “elevated everyday” aesthetic, has decided that his upcoming men’s show for the Spring-Summer 2025 collection at Paris Fashion Week will be his curtain call.

Dries Van Noten Steps Down: What's Next for the Iconic Label?
Dries Van Noten Steps Down: What’s Next for the Iconic Label?

Van Noten’s journey in fashion is a tale of passion, creativity, and innovation. With a foundation deeply rooted in Antwerp, where he emerged as a pivotal figure among the iconic Antwerp Six, Van Noten has long been celebrated for his unique vision that blends exquisite tailoring with an emotive play on textures and colors. His departure is poised to usher in a new era for the label, with a search already underway for a visionary talent capable of building upon his storied legacy.

Despite stepping back, Van Noten assures that his departure will not signal a break in the brand’s creative output. The Spring-Summer 2025 women’s collection will be crafted by his adept studio team, a group with whom Van Noten has closely collaborated over the years. This decision underlines his confidence in the team’s ability to maintain the brand’s celebrated design ethos. Moreover, Van Noten’s role will evolve as he remains involved with the brand, promising to lend his expertise to future projects, reflecting a continued commitment to the house he so cherishes.

Dries Van Noten farewell letter.
Dries Van Noten farewell letter.

The brand’s transition comes under the stewardship of Puig, the Spanish luxury conglomerate, which acquired a majority stake in the label in 2018. Under Puig’s ownership, the brand has expanded its horizons, delving into beauty and perfume lines, enhancing its accessory offerings, embracing e-commerce, and innovating its retail experience. Puig’s involvement has been instrumental in scaling the brand’s growth while retaining its unique identity—a testament to a symbiotic relationship that champions creativity and business acumen.

As Van Noten steps into a new chapter, focused on exploring life beyond the fashion studio, the industry watches with bated breath. His contribution to fashion is immeasurable, not only in terms of design but also in embodying the spirit of an era. His legacy, characterized by a profound understanding of fashion as a form of personal and artistic expression, leaves an indelible mark on the brand and its loyal following. The future of Dries Van Noten, under the guidance of both its founding father and its future creative leaders, remains luminously bright, poised for continued innovation and success in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

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