Inside LOEWE’s “Crafted World”

In Shanghai’s pulsating heart, LOEWE unfurls its latest endeavor, “Crafted World,” at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre, offering an invigorating glimpse into the fashion powerhouse’s journey. Spearheaded by Jonathan Anderson, the brand’s visionary, this exhibition stands as a testament to the tireless artisans globally. For the first time, LOEWE invites the public into its universe, tracing its lineage from a 19th-century leather collective in Madrid to its current stature under the LVMH umbrella and its pivotal expansion into China with its inaugural Shanghai storefront.

Inside LOEWE's

“Crafted World” is an odyssey, marrying the tactile with the ephemeral, and anchored deeply in LOEWE’s ethos of innovation, creativity, and the perennial charm of craftsmanship. The exhibition is a narrative thread, weaving through the brand’s storied history and its symbiotic relationship with the artisanal. It pays homage to the LOEWE Foundation and its Craft Prize, underscoring the brand’s commitment to celebrating and nurturing craftsmanship across the globe.

This immersive showcase is a confluence of fashion, art, and culture, designed in collaboration with OMA, known for their architectural prowess. Spanning 1,600 square metres, it’s a journey through six thematic chapters, each a deep dive into LOEWE’s identity and its progressive fashion ethos. Highlights include monumental leather sculptures and an enchanting, mirrored floral installation, alongside interactive elements designed to engage and educate visitors of all ages.

The chapters unfold stories of heritage and innovation: from “Born from the Hand,” which highlights LOEWE’s foundational leather craft and its iconic designs, to “Welcome to Spain,” a sensory homage to the brand’s roots. “The Atelier” provides a behind-the-scenes look at the meticulous creation of LOEWE bags, while “Fashion Without Limits” showcases Jonathan Anderson’s boundary-pushing designs. “United in Craft” celebrates the global tapestry of craftsmanship supported by LOEWE, and “Unexpected Dialogues” immerses visitors in the creative exchanges that have shaped the brand’s collaborative ventures.

“Crafted World” is not just an exhibition; it’s a narrative of LOEWE’s enduring legacy and its forward-looking vision. It stands as a beacon of the brand’s dedication to the art of craft, an invitation to explore the rich tapestry of its heritage and the boundless possibilities of fashion. The exhibition is a vibrant, living testament to the power of creativity, a space where history and innovation meet, and a celebration of the craftspeople who continue to inspire and propel LOEWE forward. As it prepares to journey beyond Shanghai, “Crafted World” is a compelling chapter in LOEWE’s ongoing story, an ode to the craftsmanship at the heart of luxury fashion, and a must-visit for those captivated by the artistry and innovation of one of the world’s leading luxury houses.

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