LOEWE’s ‘Decades of Confusion’: A Humorous Take on Fashion and Spelling

LOEWE takes a playful dive into the perennial mix-up surrounding its name with the launch of “Decades of Confusion,” a film that humorously challenges the art of spelling. Directed by Ally Pankiw and penned by Dan Levy, this cinematic piece features Levy as a beleaguered spelling bee judge, navigating the contest from the 70s through to modern times, with Aubrey Plaza portraying a series of distinct contestants across the decades.

LOEWE’s ‘Decades of Confusion’

The film showcases a creative journey through time, accentuated by LOEWE’s emblematic fashion pieces and the transformative magic of renowned hair stylist Michelle Ceglia. Plaza’s transformations are a highlight, beginning as a 70s hopeful in oversized glasses, evolving into an 80s Miami diva, then a 90s Texan socialite clutching an Amazona bag, and finally, embodying a contemporary fashion aficionado in a car-shaped dress straight from LOEWE’s FW22 collection.

“Decades of Confusion” is quintessentially LOEWE, blending spontaneous humor with a sharp style that captivates from start to finish.

Spotlight on the Stars

Daniel Levy, an Emmy-winning force in entertainment, has made his mark through engaging, humorous storytelling. With a recent directorial debut in Netflix’s “Good Grief,” and notable for co-creating “Schitt’s Creek” with Eugene Levy, his career is a testament to his multifaceted talent. “Schitt’s Creek” has not only captured hearts but also an array of accolades, including a record-breaking sweep at the Emmys for its final season.

Aubrey Plaza, known for her versatility and distinctive charm, has ventured from captivating performances in “The White Lotus,” earning her critical acclaim, to her recent stage debut. With roles in major upcoming films like Francis Ford Coppola’s “Megalopolis” and production projects alongside stars like Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans, Plaza continues to expand her dynamic career in Hollywood.

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