Quannah Chasinghorse Stars in Stella McCartney’s Campaign

Stella McCartney has unveiled the vibrant second chapter of her Summer 2024 campaign, featuring Indigenous advocate and model Quannah Chasinghorse, captured by renowned photographer Harley Weir. This groundbreaking campaign, set against the industrial backdrop of the Veolia recycling plant in South London, showcases the brand’s most sustainable collection yet, crafted from an impressive 95% conscious materials. The choice of location underscores the campaign’s commitment to promoting the possibilities of a circular economy and the beauty inherent in reimagined waste.

Quannah Chasinghorse Stars in Stella McCartney's Campaign
Quannah Chasinghorse Stars in Stella McCartney’s Campaign

Quannah Chasinghorse, celebrated for her advocacy in climate justice and her deep roots in the Hän Gwich’in culture, brings a profound authenticity to the campaign. Her heritage is beautifully symbolized by her traditional Yidįįłtoo tattoos, reflecting a lineage committed to protecting Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from the threats of climate change.

In a world where the fashion industry significantly contributes to environmental degradation, Stella McCartney stands out for her continuous innovation in sustainable practices. Since 2016, the brand has exclusively used recycled cashmere and, from 2017, Econyl® recycled nylon, preventing over 10 tonnes of materials from entering landfills each year. Further pushing the boundaries of eco-conscious fashion, McCartney has explored new materials such as apple and grape waste, crafting vegan alternatives to leather that are both luxurious and environmentally considerate.

Quannah Chasinghorse Stars in Stella McCartney's Campaign
Quannah Chasinghorse Stars in Stella McCartney’s Campaign

This collection also celebrates the 15th anniversary of the iconic Falabella tote, a pioneer of vegan luxury fashion, with new editions that continue to push the envelope in sustainable design. The Summer 2024 collection itself is a testament to Stella McCartney’s enduring ethos, offering a blend of Savile Row tailoring, organic cotton denim, and versatile dresses that transition effortlessly from day to night, emphasizing texture, proportion, and decoration.

Moreover, the campaign serves to raise awareness about the groundbreaking Fashion Act bill in New York, a legislation Stella McCartney was the first in the luxury sector to support. This act calls for major apparel and footwear retailers to disclose their environmental impacts and adhere to science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, setting a precedent that McCartney hopes will be adopted worldwide.

With this campaign, Stella McCartney not only continues to define the aesthetics of sustainable fashion but also reinforces her role as a leader in pushing for greater accountability and environmental stewardship within the fashion industry.

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