Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign

Posted by Sasha.


David Sims frames the Marc Jacobs fall/winter 2014 campaign featuring newcomers Julia Nobis and Waleska Gorczevski. From last season’s pop star presence, aka Miley Cyrus to this season’s hottest models, Marc Jacobs has gone for a complete different direction compared to the Miley shoot when visualizing his latest ad campaign.

Together with his loyal photographer, the brilliant David Sims, who also framed the Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2014 ad, Jacobs decided to grace the two lookers, Nobis and Gorczevski in beige minimalistic dresses along with a leather satchel. With an identical styling, the models almost look too similar to be able to tell them apart when working the same hairstyle and make-up. Not to mention David’s mannequin touch when editing the photographs which makes Julia and Waleska look like the most fashionable ‘The Sims’ characters ever.

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