Chloé Spring Summer 2024

Gabriela Hearst concluded her journey with Chloé with a spirited Summer 2024 collection, blending her South American roots seamlessly with Chloé’s innate French romanticism. The collection revealed in Paris was a culmination of traditions, presenting a festive vibe representative of a true carnival spirit.

Hearst, absorbed in the celebratory energy, reflected on her thoughts from six months ago, envisioning a collection vibrant with the colors of fuchsia and green, reminiscent of the iconic Mangueira’s Brazilian dance school’s attire. The collection was not only well-received but also chosen by the dance school for one of their performances.

The presentation by the Seine transformed into a vivacious gathering, models donned in soft linen tailoring with exaggerated sleeves, cowboy-inspired apparel, and detailed leather dresses shaped like calla lilies showcased the collection’s diverse range. With Hearst parting ways with the Richemont-owned luxury house, the brand’s sustainability focus, which expanded significantly during her tenure, is evident throughout the collection.

Hearst has continuously aimed for increased awareness through her collections at Chloé. This collection, conceptualized with floral sketches representing the brand’s commitment to the environment, symbolizes a blooming future for the brand. Drawing inspiration from the “Nike of Samothrace” statue at the Louvre, Hearst created pieces with metallic floral winged sleeves, adding a touch of elegance to the collection.

Vibrant suede items, delicate leather spirals, and buoyant knit fabrics highlighted the collection’s airy feel, accompanied by unique accessories like the new “cactus” handbag. The upcoming Chloé x Atelier Jolie collection, developed in collaboration with Angelina Jolie, promises a unique blend of Chloé’s DNA and Hearst’s aesthetic, focusing on low-impact and dead stock fabrics.

Angelina Jolie’s involvement demands high standards, reflecting her unconventional approach to fashion and a unique aesthetic seen in the collection, deeply inspired by her childhood and her mother. Under Hearst, Chloé has achieved B Corp certification, prioritizing transparency and sustainable materials like domestically spun and woven linen and Global Organic Textile Standard-certified silk, promoting environmental consciousness and responsible sourcing.

Chloé has incorporated digital IDs since the Spring 2023 collection, emphasizing traceability and encouraging resale. Hearst is confident in Chloé’s sustainable growth and emphasizes that environmental and social components are now the core driving forces of the brand.

Despite leaving, Hearst believes in the sustained growth and cultural shift within the brand towards sustainable and socially conscious fashion, without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the products. She optimistically acknowledges the simultaneous growth of Chloé and her brand, dismissing the fears related to shifting focus in the design world.

In this collection, Chloé, maintaining its commitment to sustainability and distinctive aesthetics, presents a harmonious blend of cultures, thoughtful designs, and high-quality, environmentally responsible materials, reflecting the brand’s evolution under Gabriela Hearst’s influential tenure.

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