Contemporary Classics: The Evolution of Gucci Menswear in Fall Winter 2024

In the latest Gucci Fall Winter 2024 men’s collection, Creative Director Sabato De Sarno has skillfully continued the narrative initiated with the women’s line for Spring Summer 2024. This collection, part of the Gucci Ancora theme, represents a thoughtful evolution of the brand’s wardrobe and aesthetic, this time through a menswear lens.

De Sarno’s approach to redefining men’s fashion essentials for the colder season is evident throughout the collection. He balances a respect for Gucci’s iconic craftsmanship with the introduction of contemporary silhouettes, each exuding a refined yet subtly subversive character.

The collection brings formalwear into focus with two standout double-breasted jacket styles. The first, a fitted silhouette accompanied by cropped trousers, sometimes features unique zipped side slits. The second style offers a relaxed fit, distinguished by archival buttons and accented with decorative piping, drawing inspiration from the realm of interior design.

Gucci’s signature GG monogram is reimagined, bringing a fresh and modern perspective. Applied to leather, wool, and cotton, the monogram is cleverly offset with a drop shadow, creating an illusion of depth. Leather and embroidery make bold statements in unconventional color shades and placements, showcasing Gucci’s flair for the unexpected.

In footwear, the collection sees the evolution of Gucci’s iconic loafers. Echoing the women’s fashion show, these loafers are reinterpreted with creeper-inspired crepe rubber soles, marking a significant departure from their traditional design. The Jackie bag, first seen in the women’s runway, returns in an enlarged version, and the silver Marina Chain necklace is resized to a more subtle dimension.

Gucci’s esteemed silk heritage takes a fresh turn, with exquisite silk pieces paired with jackets or coats, fastened with the iconic House snap-hook. This represents a harmonious blend of Gucci’s legacy with new, forward-looking design elements.

Overall, the Gucci Fall Winter 2024 men’s collection under Sabato De Sarno’s direction is a commendable example of modernizing traditional fashion elements while maintaining the luxury and historical depth that defines Gucci.

GUCCI ANCORA MEN'S Fall Winter 2024

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