Jil Sander Spring Summer 2024

Jil Sander may have established her reputation as a paragon of minimalism; however, the brand today, under the creative direction of Lucie and Luke Meier, has explored beyond the constraints of its minimalist legacy. For the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, the Meiers delved into an intricate exploration of form and silhouette, showcasing a repertoire distinct from standard fashion norms.

The designers explained that the new collection deviates significantly from conventional attire, opting for avant-garde cuts and unique shapes over the usual two-piece suit. Jackets took on a more rectangular form, juxtaposed with sailor-collar shirts and shorts, emphasizing the overall silhouette. In a shift from the norm, the designers played with proportions, presenting elongated dusters for men and lengthening jackets, while also elevating the waistband of loosely-fitted shorts.

The designers’ more liberated approach was evident throughout the collection. Traditional button-downs were embellished with metallic disc accessories at the collar points, serving as integrated jewelry, and vests featured prominent portholes accented with polished chrome on the upper chest. Though some designs seemed oversized, the creative intuition behind them was commendable, particularly the inclusion of large cat face prints on several tunic dresses.

One notable divergence from the original minimalist ethos is seen in the brand’s approach to knitwear. The integration of advanced knitting technologies not only brings enhanced comfort to contemporary corporate attire but also allows for the creation of distinct, event-worthy pieces. The knit dresses showcased are far from everyday wear, featuring fitted ribbed tops that gracefully transition into expansive skirts. Strategic additions like rhinestone necklaces added a touch of luxury to the attire.

Closing the collection were two dresses made from cotton, selected for its lightweight properties. These pieces, exhibiting voluminous structures reminiscent of carapaces, were shaped by pleating at the back of the shoulders, making a bold statement while possibly maintaining a touch of minimalism.

This collection demonstrates a considerable shift in Jil Sander’s design philosophy, incorporating innovative designs and intricate detailing that signal a departure from its minimalist roots while ensuring each piece makes a pronounced statement. Lucie and Luke Meier’s interpretation of the brand signifies a newfound freedom in design exploration, allowing for an exciting blend of tradition and modernity in high fashion.