The Art of Detail: Unpacking N.HOOLYWOOD COMPILE Fall 2024

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, N.HOOLYWOOD COMPILE Fall 2024 collection emerges as a testament to designer Daisuke Obana‘s innovative spirit and meticulous attention to detail. Moving away from the conventional fashion design process, N.HOOLYWOOD COMPILE approaches creation with a unique methodology that begins with the end in mind – a focus on “3D” elements before color application. This season, the collection defies thematic confinement, instead reveling in the nuanced exploration of materials and details, a philosophy that’s consistently woven throughout the brand’s ethos.

Daisuke Obana by Keiichi Nitta
Daisuke Obana by Keiichi Nitta

N.HOOLYWOOD COMPILE’s commitment to transforming traditional formal and dress wear into contemporary easy wear stands at the forefront of its design philosophy. By selecting iconic patterns such as checks, houndstooth, and stripes, and marrying them with a diverse array of original textiles, the collection achieves a trompe l’oeil effect that breathes life into each garment. This innovative blend of materials not only enhances the visual appeal of the designs but prioritizes comfort and functionality, hallmarks of the brand’s identity.

A fascinating aspect of this season’s offering is the homage paid to vintage clothing. Obana, whose design process is deeply influenced by his global expeditions in search of unique vintage finds, imbues the collection with a sense of history and memory. Through the meticulous reproduction of past masterpieces and the introduction of new creations, the collection serves as a bridge between the past and the present, showcasing garments that transcend time and genre.

Daisuke Obana’s inspiration for this collection is deeply personal and rooted in his experiences. “I designed incorporating materials and details by swapping vintage clothing, fabrics, and other items obtained during the journey. And this season, it started with an actor I was paying attention to, and I ended up collaborating with a director he often work with to create a short movie. I hope that people around the world can experience the unique and cynical story that is characteristic of Japan in various ways.”

One standout piece, as highlighted by Obana, encapsulates the essence of the collection’s innovative spirit. “By replacing the same pattern with various fabrics, we are able to express entirely different appearances while maintaining consistent colors. Additionally, I believe we were able to reflect the essence of the main film in the look book shooting. All the models were independent and professional actors, which allowed us to capture expressions and portrayals that were unprecedented.”

Reflecting on his two decades in the industry, Obana shares, “Having done the runway for 20 years, I changed the presentation format four years ago. This shift led me to focus more on individual items rather than thematic elements. As a result, the quality has improved, and the clothing has become something I personally want to wear.”

Obana’s vision for those who don his creations is deeply inclusive and personal. “I don’t have specific individuals in mind. I want those who truly showcase their own personality to wear it. I aim for designs that don’t overshadow the person wearing them but rather assist in highlighting their presence.” He desires for wearers to find a unique connection with their clothing, one that reflects their individual style and complements their existing wardrobe.

The N.HOOLYWOOD COMPILE Fall 2024 collection stands as a beacon of innovation and craftsmanship in the fashion industry. With a focus on comfort, functionality, and a unique narrative woven through each garment, Daisuke Obana continues to challenge the norms and inspire a new generation of fashion enthusiasts to express their individuality through timeless, versatile pieces.

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