Louie Chaban — Guest Editor. June 2020

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Photo by Joshua Jordan.


Guest Editor Statement, June 2020.

We are living in a moment when personal and social norms are shifting and changing. A moment when all of us as individuals and as community are challenged to find within ourselves the strength to accept the unknown.

Though to many unprecedented, this shared moment echoes with the challenges of the past when individuals united to bring awareness and knowledge in the face of change.

I have long believed in fashion and the arts as a platform to celebrate individuality and to amplify fearless communication and dialogue.

This is a time for rediscovery and personal expression, a moment to reaffirm what it is to be you as an individual, what it is to be fabulous in your own right.

As guest Editor for Pride month, I take this opportunity to celebrate many of those artists with whom I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my journey over the years and also to shine a light on some of the new and emerging talents that I believe bring a fresh voice to fashion and culture.

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I have been blessed to work with many artists and creative individuals over the years who have pushed the boundaries of what it is to speak your own voice and live your own truth.

Artists who have pushed for social change with an eye to the future, while embracing their roots and the communities from which they came.

Please join me in celebrating some of these individuals who, through their own unique voice, have brought positive change in our time.

We are all in this moment together.

Louie Chaban.

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