Larissa Hofmann — Exclusive Interview

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She is the most recent newcomer on the block, German sweetheart, Larissa Hofmann confessed that she is currently living her dream, blooming as a fashion model. The 22-year old brunette was discovered in the underground subways while walking back from school, since that very day Hofmanns’ impeccable presence has been continuously brought to attention by the fashion industry and has successfully left a mark on the scene.

With a breathtaking resume since 2012, including runway shows for the elite’s such as Chanel, Armani, Dior and Ralph Lauren; gracing the cover of Sleek Magazine and numerous editorials shot by some of the most noted photographers in the industry, it is apparent that Miss Hofmanns’ career is beyond promising. Besides living the fashion dream, Hofmann is a big believer in art and ice cream.

With her ice blue gaze and remarkable cheekbones, this German beauty is definitely one to count on for future fashion fireworks.


Q: How would you describe yourself?

Open-minded, art and poetry lover with an inquiring eye, ambitious and able to laugh at myself.


Q: Tell us something that very few people know about you

That the small town in Bavaria where I grew up has less than 3000 residents and not even a train station. As a teenager I found it boring, now it’s the best way to escape from everything. A little oasis of calm to relax and enjoy the beautiful countryside.


Q: What’s your passion in life?

Exploring the world and collecting unforgettable moments.


Q: Best modeling experience so far

The best experience so far was when I came to visit New York last year. I had very memorable moments and felt like I grew up as a person.



Q: Who or what influences you?

Daily life. Open your eyes and watch out for the hidden things. Beauty doesn’t ask for attention.


Q: What’s your signature look?

Dark hair, pale skin, red lips. A while ago some people and friends started calling me Snow White — I admit that I quite like it and feel flattered.


Q: Your favorite fashion designer

It’s hard to pick only one, so lets pick a few. Raf Simon is a great and extraordinary designer, and he is very talented. The legendary Karl Lagerfeld who is amazing with all the magical worlds he creates. I adore Haider Ackermann — he is real and genuine. His work is inspiring and you see he loves it. I felt so honored to be a part of his show this season. I also really like Philipp Lim and Stella McCartney.



Q: You are obsessed with

Right now I obsessed with New York City! I’m thrilled that I have my “own” apartment for the first time in 2 years!


Q: What do you hope to achieve in your modeling career?

I love the challenge of playing different roles. And I hope to always get more and more opportunities to challenge myself. I want to deliver magic – for others, and for myself. 


Q: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

If you compare my life right now to my life in Germany when I was younger, I guess it’s pretty crazy.


Q: One thing about modeling people may be surprised to learn

Models’ feet are usually not very pretty (especially after fashion week).