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Precious Lee: I think it’s an honor to be an inspiration and to uplift others through your work. That was a huge goal of mine and I’m so grateful for that. If someone aspires to be like me I think it’s important that they know that I took the hard route and the maneuvering is personal. I want to encourage others to find their own voice and create more space for those that may see themselves in us. It’s the idea of creating a new rhythm and evolving from where you are-consistently.

You come up against so much resistance on a road less traveled. There’s no playbook. There’s no babysitter. My values were always aligned with my highest self. I am just growing everyday with every challenge and that’s the evolution we all should be clocked into.

Beauty is the internal love within that shines outward.

Beauty for so long has been what was told or presented to us. With each generation of free thinkers we have the opportunity to dream a bigger dream & our thought process has changed. Authenticity wasn’t always praised. We just refused to settle for the outdated mentality of being controlled. The next generation is so turnt up and I love it! They are like “ready or not”! And that’s the energy that’s needed to continue the work being down now.

Precious Lee. Exclusive Interview
Precious Lee

There are so many layers to success. The evolution of social justice is what will expand the space for models of color along and the industry praising more than one type of beauty will work simultaneously to clear this superficial filter that’s been on society for so long. I truly believe it’s an all hands on deck situation that will require action from each of us. Peeling back the layers of racism isn’t an easy feat…black people have been fighting this fight since we were stolen and brought to this country. It seems impossible at times. People have to dig deep and understand what they are doing and who they are doing it for especially when you’re in the majority within a country like America.

We all have to have to nourish our spirituality consistently. So many miracles come from prayer and meditation, often times we are too busy to stop and listen. I know racists lack spirituality and God in their hearts. That’s half the reason we’re in this shit show. So you have to find the space to do your part to raise the collective vibration. I really believe spiritual hygiene is underrated. It’s literally everything.

Something that shaped me in the person I am are the challenges that felt the loneliest. The ones that you really just had two options, preserve or quit. I learned how indomitable I am through the fiercest no’s. I’m so grateful to know exactly who I am and how I will continue to evolve because of it.

Interview with Precious Lee

Staying true is so important to me because I could have obtained many goals earlier perhaps if I “played the game”. I don’t subscribe to that and although we see it work for so many people, I on the other hand love to sleep at night and look in the mirror and be proud. Conviction is not negotiable for me and in the end my success tastes sweeter knowing I didn’t sacrifice my voice or beliefs. It was never worth it to me. Also, I love that I now only hear the naysayers in the gym or on the runway. THEE best fuel for the fire you need to bring there.

I love the fact that an image could be so powerful for someone and it could move the energy within someone to raise their own vibration. To have people feel nourished, uplifted and inspired by my work is literally amazing to me.

What inspires me right now is joy. Joy within myself because being joyous while making a change is the duality I think our collective needs. Coming from a space of gratitude and light will carry you through anything. It’s so powerful. I’m inspired to continue to find joy in the way I utilize my time. Whether that’s shooting a campaign or protesting in the streets all day.

Precious Lee
Precious Lee

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Interviewed by Alexei Key

Photographed by Justin von Oldershausen

In collaboration with The New Cast