Simon Porte Jacquemus has often radiated an aura of enthusiasm, anticipation, and joy, reflected in his innovative apparel and groundbreaking showcases. Many recognize the allure of this largely autodidact designer, who journeyed from Salon-de-Provence in the south of France to Paris when he was 18. Pursuing studies at ESMOD, his time there was cut short due to a personal tragedy — the untimely passing of his mother. Subsequently, he had a brief tenure at Citizen K before founding his brand, Jacquemus, at 19. Balancing his budding label, he also worked at a Comme des Garçons store. His talent did not go unnoticed; he was a two-time nominee for the LVMH Prize and clinched a significant jury award and mentorship in 2015.

For Jacquemus, fashion transcends clothing; it’s about weaving narratives. While his inspirations revolve around women, like Caroline de Maigret who became a part of his portfolio after a social media interaction, his creations also mirror his personal journey. His work echoes his vibrant upbringing, marked by sunny days and freedom. In a conversation with journalist Emma Hope Allwood, he remarked on being recognized for his signature positivity and affinity for coastal vibes.

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