7 Most Anticipated Spring Beauty Buys

The skies might look gray and dismal right now, but sun and warmer weather are coming soon, and along with it, some new beauty needs. Move the heavy moisturizers to the back of the beauty cabinet, and bring out the lightweight tinted moisturizers and the dewy skin-makers. 

Meet the 2021 LVMH Prize Semi-Finalist Bianca Saunders

“My menswear label explores vulnerability while redefining masculinity. Drawing from both my British and West Indian backgrounds, I address the tension between tradition and evolution in designs, which reference classic streetwear and avant-garde couture with equal measure.”

Fenty Beauty’s Newest Product Is Summer Perfect

Rihanna likes to surprise everyone, and she’s done it again with a huge, new Fenty Beauty drop. While everyone else in quarantine has been baking sourdough or trying to learn what an NFT is, Rihanna has been working hard on building her Fenty Beauty empire.

Chloe Eyewear Summer 2021

Directed by Mario Sorrenti, the new Chloé Eyewear campaign for Summer 2021 is an alluring expression of the “See with Optimism” concept unveiled in the previous seasonal campaign: an uplifting revelation uniting all women in a shared vision of strength and freedom. 

Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2021

Words and meanings that influenced the Raf Simons Autumn/Winter 2021 collection, without hierarchy or intentional sequence. An equilibrium, contrast between disparate elements, unexpected similarities and parallels, a love for and loyalty to particular themes, ideas, inspirations.